Dramatis Persona

Aurora Obsidian
(S.I. “F”) Chief Systems Operator for the Blackguard Bay civic datasphere. Her avatar is a stylized humanoid female made of obsidian with jet eyes and shadow hair.

“The Choir”
(S.I. group of three) “The Choir” is the official designation of the three SI entities that together are the chief systems operator for Council City and the planet High Council. Each was designed to have personality traits reflecting the various mentalities of different groups of sapients. They always work together as a group consensus. Even if only one of them seems present, the other two are monitoring and weighing in silently on any conversations or decisions.
Individually they are Gennal (feminan with a vaguely humanoid, stylized face), Ondaroe (masculin with an icon resembling a turning sphere of moving and interlocking plains), and D’zev-Taa-Kyr (genderless with a representation that looks like continuously branching beams of multicolored lights).

Dr Mataulaellarana
(Alounalla F) A scientist and researcher of the extinct Ikanat civilization.

Mam Vazandi
(Kithag F) Leader of a badlands bandit gang on Jotan IV.

Dramatis Persona

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