Lexicon of the Galaxy

Black heart of the galaxy! – A common phrase used to express frustration, fear, or awe. Refers to the super massive black hole in the center of our galaxy.

dead headed / dead head – Having one’s internal computer/communicator switched off, cutting off access to the datasphere. A being lacking internal datasphere integration technology.

sket – A common pest (see Sket). Also an expression of exasperation such as “rats”, “dammit”, or “That figures” (implied disapointment, dismay, frustration, and/or resignation).

sket brain / sket-for-brains – A stupid yet persistant person.

Synthetic Intelligence or S.I. – Politically correct term for a full volitional Artificial Intelligence being to distinguish them from non-volitional A.I. machiens and tools.

Lexicon of the Galaxy

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