Kordrakken male.


Name: Rejak
Player: Jeff
Rank: Seasoned Exp Points: 20 Unspent Points: 0
Species: Kordrakken Gender: M
Age: Middle Hgt: 7’2" Wgt: 325lbs
Physical Description: Big and scary looking. Beady black eyes. Sallow gray skin. A rough and crooked face from numerous past brawls.
Personality Type: Polite and well manered with a dour wit.

ATTRIBUTES: Die Type: Notes/Mods:
AGI d6 -1 “Lumbering”
SMA d10 +5 starting skill points.
SPI d6
STR d10
VIG d6

Charisma: -2 (If seen.)
Pace: 5" Run: d6"
Parry: Hand 5. Weapon 4
Base Toughness: 6
Toughness with Armor: Torso 13 ballistic&energy/11all; Limbs 11 ballistic&energy/9 all; Head 10 ballistic&energy/8 all.
Encumberance (lbs/level): 50lbs
Current Encumberance Level:

EDGES: Level:
Kordrakken 2
STR starts at d8 -
Size +1 (Toughness +1) -
Tusks (d6 damage. Never “unarmed”) -
+2 Resist Cold -
Scholar (+2 Computers & Electronics) 2
Kordrakken -
Lumbering (AGI -1 mod) -
Pace 5" -
-2 Resist Heat -
Ugly (-2 Charisma if seen) -1
Minor Pacifist (Wont fight unless unavoidable. Wont kill or torture prisoners.) -1
Code of Honor (Behaive gentlemanly, keep your word, be polite.) -2
SKILLS: Attribute: Die Type: Mods:
Fighting: Bare Handed AGI d6
Melee Weapon: Light Club AGI d4
Intimidation SPI d6
Investigation SMA d6
Know: Computers SMA d10 +2 “Scholar”. +6 Hacker PC.
Know: Electronics SMA d8 +2 “Scholar”
Lockpicking/Security SMA d6
Notice SMA d6
Persuasion SPI d4 -2 Charisma
Repair: Electronics SMA d6
Shooting: Blast Pistol AGI d4
Streetwise SMA d6
Stealth AGI d4
Healing SMA d4


Ranged Weapons: Range: Damage: AP: RoF: Shots: Min STR: Wgt: $: Notes:
Omni Blast Pistol 12/24/48 2d8 3 1 40 - 2 4,400
" stun setting 5/10/20 stun (VIG-1) 0 " " " " "
HD Knife 3/6/12 d10+d4+1 3 1 1 - Not specialized. -2 to hit.
Melee Weapons: Damage: AP: Wgt: $: Notes:
Stun Baton d10+d4+stun(VIG-1) 0 2 100 B cell/20 hits
HD Knife d10+d4+1 3 1.5 500 Not specialized (-2 to hit)
Tusks d10+d6 0 - - Never “unarmed”
Armor Type: Armor Mod: Worn Wgt: Carry Wgt: $: Coverage: Notes:
Hvy Bioplas Clothing with Inserts 7 ballistic, energy/5 other (limbs 5/3) 7.5 15 3,300 Torso & Limbs Torso: Hard. Limbs: Flexable
Bioplas Space Helmet 4 ballistic, energy/2 other neg 0.5 500 Head Flexable. Sealable.
Gear/Loot/etc: Wgt: $: Notes:
Hyperspectral Goggles (B cell/10hrs) 0.6 2,000
Air Filter neg 100 Attaches to Bioplas Helmet.
“Hacker” PC (Quantom. High Capacity. Hardened 1. Encrypt/Decrypt package. Complexity 6. Nonviolitional AI. 2C cells/20hrs) 20 31,010 +6 skill Know: Computers. AI is SMA d8, SPI d6, VIG d8, Toughness 6.
Armored Case for PC 2 80 Armor 6. Hard
Morph Axe 2 500
Enviro Bag (C cell/10days) 1.5 40
Portable Electronics Tool Kit (10 A cells/10hrs) 10 1,200
Portable Security Tool Kit (10 A cells/10hrs) 10 1,200
Electronic Lockpick (A cell/2hrs) neg 1,500
Variable Lockpick (A cell/12hrs) neg 50
Stealth Travel Bag 10 1200
Bug Detector (A cell/10hrs) neg 200
First Aid Kit 2 50
4 doses of Quickheal neg 400
Heavy Flashlight (2 B cells/24hrs) 1 20 “Light Club”
Internal Compass (A cell/10days) 0.5 30
Filtration Canteen 1 (3 full) 180

Wgt Carried:
Total Value: $48,560

Money: $26,440


Rejak (no family name) was muscle for an organized crime outfit on his home world where he earned a fearsome reputation as a brutal enforcer. After a conviction he was sentenced to a prison colony where he voulentiered for a radical neuro therapy procedure to “cure” him of his antisocial tendancies.
It sort of worked.
The treatment altered his behavior to a more polite and less violent demeanor. They also gave him a basic job skill set that somehow woke in him an intellect and a talent for computers and hacking that he had never realized before.


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