A Brief History of the Galaxy

c 8M BA (Before Alliance)
The end of the last grate galactic epoc. A galaxy spanning civilization slides into chaos and destruction. Many worlds and species are lost. The few who survive regress into barbarism and the galaxy goes quiet for a long age as space fairing civilizations are nearly completely wiped out.
To this date little is known about the spesifics of these “precursors” or exactly how and why they fell.

c 500,000 BA (best estimate)
The daranthan clan fleets begin their perpetual migrations through the galaxy. Some suspect that the daranthans may have been space fairing for much longer though as they have no memory of their parent world.

c 200,000 to 100,000 BA
By this point a handfull of new sapient species are begining to explore and colonize space. They are considered the first generation of the new galactic epoc. Contact between species is sparce however and without a proper galactic community, most only know of their nearest neighbors.

c 100,000 to 10,000 BA
This quarter of the galaxy is now a thin patchwork of small empires and confederations with various alliegances and animosities. Contact with distant worlds is still sparce, but growing slowly and steadily as new trade routs and communication networks continue to expand a bit at a time.

c 80,000 BA
Pherrax begin their first age of expansion. They are not a united empire at this point. In fact the pherrax sphere will go through several incarnations, rises and falls, between now and the Empire.

c 25,000 BA
The ikanat species suddenly goes extienct just as it was beginning its age of exploration and colonization.

c 10,000 BA to 1 AC
Somewhere in this time the galactic community begins to resemble its current state. Trade and communication networks are fairly stable and far reaching. Most of the major sapient species of today are preasent and aliegances and animosities are well established between the various stellar governments.

2339 BA
The first monarch of the Pherrax Empire is crowned and the empire begins its long campaign of expansion, rentigrating lost pherrax worlds and subjugating others.

1069 BA
A marou-marthra explorer mission makes first contact with the oolourdra whom they had at first mistaken to be simple herd animals.

177 BA
Wrythak begin an intercine war that will engulf many other nations and species, causing non-stop conflict to plague this part of the galaxy for more than one hundred years.

56 BA
Wrythak home worlds are devastated and their civilization colapses scattering the surviving wrythak.

1 AC
(Alliance Calendar. 500 AD Terran calendar)
The Alliance is founded by several dozen different species and their governments with the ratification of the Alliance Charter.

214 AC
The Confederation of Free Worlds is founded from governments opposed to Alliance as well as Alliance decenters.

388 AC
A more unified wrythak community is established in the Tyris Cluster.

905 AC
The Alliance bolsters its support of the Spinward Reaches in responce to the emerging Taltakien Realm. This will begin a pattern of on again off again wars of conquest and liberation that will last for centuries.

913 AC
Allounalla abandon their homeworld to be burned as its parent star expands.

1026 AC
Taltakien raiders discover the preindustrial montharoe and try to subjugate them. The montharoe destroy the raider ship on the ground. Before more taltakien come, Alliance agents arive and the montharoe join the Alliance.

1512 AC
Ongduran first contact when one of their STL exploration ships arrives at a driedna trade world.

1742 AC
First official contact of humans with the galactic community (Terran year 2242 AD).

1993 AC
A long range fleet of the Pherrax Empire accidently touches off a brief brush war with Alliance frontier elements. Once each side realizes the super power strength of the other a peace treaty is made which marks the vast border region between them as neutral territory.

2017 AC
(Terran calendar 2517 AD)
Present day.

A Brief History of the Galaxy

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