Driedna United

Driedna United is a parent corporation composed of many different companies owned and opperated mainly by the driedna species.
Unlike Strahdcorp and many other corpocracies however, DU is not the governing body of the driedna worlds, nor their sole overlord corporation. It is simply the largest parent corp of the driedna containing several of their most important businesses. As the driedna are one of the major species of the Alliance, this makes DU a powerful force in the galaxy without direct political entanglement. Though their influence is heavily fealt on the driedna government and by proxy the Alliance.
Within the Alliance, Driedna United and its subsidiearies are best known for the production of bulk synthetics in both materials and foodstuffs. Various DU shipyards also produce many popular starship models with electronic and instrumentation systems and components produced by other DU subsidearies that have also become widely used in the galaxy outside of just driedna manufactured space craft.


Advantage Concepts Engineering Inc. (ACE): A leading industrial technologies R&D company.

Green Worlds Bounty Products: Often just called Green Worlds for short. A massive industrial agriculture company. Green Worlds has its own line of foodstuffs, but the bulk of its production is sold to other food producers as ingrediants and/or additives. The company owns or sponsors wholly or in part many agriworlds across Alliance space.

Kekzatekkryth & Veldra Industries (K&V): One of the galaxy’s largest producers of bulk bioplastic, glassteel, rockcreet, high tech ceramics, diamondine, and other related materials.

Driedna United

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