Savage Worlds and GURPS

This campaign will use the Savage Worlds system suplimented by GURPS material. Specificaly GURPS ecconomics and equipment from the Ultratech source book with stats converted as best as possible into Savage Worlds game mechanics.


Skill Specialization: As on page 95 of the Savage Worlds rule book characters recieve a -2 penalty for “unfamiliar”. Extra specializations may be bought for the same cost as raising a skill below its linked Attribute.

° Note: This type of familiarity is NOT the same as that covered by everyones’ internal computers (see below). That simply covers the same items made by different manufacturers or species. ie: You may know how to use all blast pistols made by known species without penalty, but still take the -2 for using a blast rifle, laser, or some other Shooting weapon.

° Fighting is two skills, Bare Handed and Melee Weapons. These do NOT default to one another. A brilliant fencer may be useless in a bare knuckle brawl and a champion boxer is just as likely to cut their own foot off as land a telling hit in a sword fight.
Melee weapons must specialize (sword, axe, polearm, knife, fencing, etc).
Bare Handed need not specialize however. The difference between a brawler and a martial artist is mainly in the selection of Fighting Edges.

° Climbing is an AGI skill, not a STR skill. Climbers need some strength yes, but really, who’s better at moving up a wall, the lean nimble person or the musclebound beefcake?

° At character creation only, characters recieve bonus skill points equal to half the value of their SMA die.

Heroes (Almost) Never Die: With medical tech being so advanced (see below) and often free, it’s easy to assume player characters and important NPCs can be revived in many cases. Also it sucks to get killed in a minor non criticle scuffle, so the GM can gloss over a fatality and bring the character back into play later if they did not have a sufficiently heroic, poetic, or fantastic death scene.

Starting Wealth: This is as a GURPS TL11 campaign. $75,000, and use the GURPS prices for equipment, not the Savage Worlds prices.







Panimmunity and Guardian Nano: +4 vs disease and hostile nano.

Gene Fixing: Immune to cancer and genetic disorders.

Longevity: The average lifespan is 200+ years of healthy living even before advanced antiagathics or rejuvination treatments.

Medical Tech: Lost limbs and organs can be replaced at any standard medical facility. The dead may even be revived if the brain is not to damaged or decayed. Deterioration of the brain can cause reduced SMA, memory loss, personality changes, and other ailments in the revived.

Mind Recording: Cloneing and mind recording are possible, but these copies are not considered to be the origional person. They are “decendants” at best and are new PCs or NPCs.

Nano Enhanced Minds: Everyone has a nano computer and communicator in their body. This is sort of like having a very advanced, built-in smart phone.

° Short range comm (1 mile) with augmented reality.

° “Personal Data Devise” +4 common knowledge and math.

° “Edict Memory” for recorded data only.

° Digital personal servant non-volitional AI. This is the “Operating System” of the nano computer. It filters information, runs digital errands, defends against mental/computer intrusion, and acts as a tutor and translator for anything it can access through the datasphere. This has no game modifier except for the fact that it prevents “unfamiliarity penalties” if the characters are working with any system considered “normal” or “standard”. The AI servant may be given a simple personality if desired or run mostly quiet. They are Complexity 5 and SMA d6.

° Because it is integrated with a living brain everyones’ personal nano is effectively a “quantom” computer for purposes of hacking.
Hacking a person’s head nano is not the same thing as hacking their actual mind. It just messes with their internal computer/communicator. Even then, generally only for a short time until the internal computer can update and debug itself.
Mind hacking is possible though with the proper neuro-cyber-psyche skills and specialized equipment, but then the added security of the internal nano computer actually makes that more difficult than hacking a “dead headed” mind.

Languages: Everyone starts with two languages as “native”, their species/culture language and the common language of their regional superpower. Alliance Standard for the Alliance, the CFW, and most non aligned worlds. Pherax for the Pherax Empire. Taltakien for the Taltakien Realm.
The Tyriss Cluster uses Low Wrythak for non wrythak dealing with the wrythak, and the wrythak themselves speek High Wrythak with each other only, but most non wrythak speek Alliance Standard as the common language.
Any language accesable through the datanet can be translated by a person’s personal AI using an internal voice overlay or even subtitled in augmented reality. This type of translation can make conversation a bit stilted however and unless the language being translated has an extensive and detailed database, idioms, expressions, slang, and the like may be very dificult to understand from an alien culture.
The Knowledge: Language skill gives a number of dice equal to the value of the die in that skill to be spent on different languages. ie: With “Knowledge: Language d4”, a character may know one additional language at d10, or two at d6, etc.
The Linguist Edge works as normal, with all languages gained that way being at d12.
Knowing a language also implies a knowledge of its relavent culture at the same level (d4= broken/pidgeon, d6=accented, d8=fluent speeker of one accent/dialog may know a bit of others, d10=native speeker can use multiple accents/dialogs, d12 or more=master of language/culture like a published professor).

° Magic: No.
° Divine/Infernal: No.
° Super Powers: No.
° Weird Science: No. This is a (mostly) “hard science” campaign.
° Psionics: Yes. Psi powers are species based. If you want to play a psi character you must select a psi race and only use that race’s powers.
° Note: Normally unavailable Powers might be “faked” by some super science method. This is not alowed for PCs (Not beginning PCs at least.) but may be used to explain odd abilities in NPCs. Examples may include “divine” patronage from a SI entity, exotic techno/nanomancy, or simply access to, or a product of, techknowledgy far in advance of the campaign normal.


GURPS stats:

Computer Implant (Accessory: Tiny computer; Ally: Simple Non-volitional AI (-25%point total, All the time, Minion w. Slave Mentality); Photographic Memory (Temp. Disadvantage: Electrical -20%, Recorded data only -20%)) [11 points]
Extended Lifespan 1 (Feature: Early Maturation)[2 points]
Immune to Cancer [5 points]
Implant Video Comm (Radio (Reduced range x1/10 “1 mile” -30%, Secure+20%, Temp. Disadvantage Electrical -20%, Video Augmented Reality+40%)) [11 points]
Longevity [2 points]
Resistant to Disease+8 [5 points]
Resistant to Bio-Nanomachines+8 [2 points]
Taboo Traits: Genetic defects and diseases.

Savage Worlds and GURPS

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